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Why pick Auth0 for your next project??

Why pick Auth0 for your next project??

As developers we should always be concerned about security. Let's see what Auth0 can do for us!

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·Sep 22, 2021·

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As an user you enjoy feeling secure when you enter sensitive information into a form, specially knowing that data is secured. As a developer you want to give that same sense of security to your users. This is where Auth0 comes in.

What is Auth0? 🔒


Trusted by many companies, Auth0 fulfills the security needs your app has without you having to be a cybersecurity expert. You can build your app with any language stack and it supports industry-standard protocoles like as JSON Web Token, OAuth 2.0, OAuth 1.0a, SAML, and more!

With Auth0 you have access to analytics for your app, social login, cloud services, and basically anything else you might be thinking you want in your app but most importantly it protects you against bots, IP Throttling, Brute Force and Breached Password cases.

🔑 Authenticate and Authorization

Auth0 provides you with options to which kind of sensitive information your users have access to with authentication (verifying who the user is) and authorization (what they are allowed to acess).

So even if i have a valid login (authentication) if i don't have acess to certain parts of the app, i won't be able to interact with them (authorization), think of it with this example: You're using the free version of an app but when you select premium or paid options it denies you access to that part of it. Pretty cool, isn't it?

🔑 Login options

Keeping security and user-friendliness in mind, let's have a quick look of some of the many login options Auth0 has for your app!

  • Universal login

    Provides you with multiple options to login or even just an username with a password input field and you're able to customize it without having to change the code in your application.

  • Passwordless login

    Allows your users to login whether using email, SMS or even your device biometrics! As in your faceID or touchID. Amazing, huh?

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    The motto should be 'sign in once and forget about it' since it allows users to enter their credentials once and use all the applications they have access to.

Wow! Yuri, i'm hooked! How can i implement it to my app?

How to start 🎯

You just need to choose one of the SDKs (Software Development Kits) or the API, connect it to your app, and you're ready to go! Now when an user tries to login, Auth0 will authenticate the user, check their info, and send it back to the app. Allowing users to login and interact to the parts they have access to.

You can also take Auth0 for a ride yourself with a step-by-step guide quickstart for your application!


Auth0 is a modern solution for modern security problems, this was just the tip of the iceberg of the many things you can configure Auth0 for, after all our first concern as developers should be our users and their data.

You can check out their website to start building for free and see how much your application will benefit from it! I'm sure you'll love it.

And if you enjoy documentation they have you covered too.

As always thank you so much for reading! :)

I really hope you enjoyed that one.

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